How do I meet my driver?

At airports, there are two basic meeting points:

If you requested to be picked up outside the terminal, you'll meet your driver on the terminal's departure level outside the last door (unless you've made other arrangements with the dispatcher beforehand). The driver will post a sign in the car window. It is against airport security regulations for a car to wait outside a terminal. Our drivers generally wait as close to the terminal as possible. Therefore, when you have gotten all your luggage and are ready to exit the terminal, please call the dispatcher at our toll-free number at the top of this page. The dispatcher will then notify the driver to proceed to the terminal.

If you arranged for an inside pickup, the driver will be waiting holding a sign with your name on it at or near the baggage claim area for your flight. On international flights, the driver will be waiting at or near the exit from the customs area. Of course, you can always specify an alternate meeting point with the dispatcher.

At theaters, restaurants and stadiums the car will be waiting at or near the exit. If this is not possible, the car will be as close as possible to the exit. At stadiums, there is usually a designated pickup area for limousines. It is a good idea to exchange cell phone numbers with your driver to help locate your vehicle outside a crowded theater or stadium. Please be sure to discuss specific pickup arrangements and locations with the dispatcher and/or driver.

Otherwise, the car will be waiting at the designated address or pickup point.

What if I can't find my driver?

Summit of NJ prides itself on its reliability. If you reserved a car from us, it will almost certainly be there waiting for you. Please be sure that you have our toll-free number handy when you travel with us. If you cannot find your car it is important that you call the dispatcher immediately. The dispatcher will contact your driver and assist you in finding your Summit of NJ car.

When is waiting time charged?

Summit of NJ has standardized routes with flat-rate pricing for travel to and from most major cities and airports.

Waiting time is defined as the length of time that elapses between a scheduled pickup and a passenger getting into the reserved vehicle. After a five (5) minute grace period on all flat-rate trips that do not begin at an airport, there is an $4.50 charge for every five (5) minutes a chauffeur is waiting. For airport pickups there is a thirty (30) minute grace period on domestic flights and a sixty (60) minute grace period on international flights. The grace period begins at the official arrival time posted by the airline.

Passenger-requested stops on route during a flat-rate trip will be charged at $4.50 per five (5) minute increment.
Passenger-requested stops off route during a flat-rate trip will be charged the prevailing hourly rate.

What are the cancellation and no show policies?

Cancellation charges equal to the rate confirmed at time of reservation will apply unless:

  • Sedans are cancelled more than two (2) hours prior to scheduled pickup time.
  • Vans, minibuses and sport utility vehicles are cancelled more than forty-eight (48) hours prior to scheduled pickup time..
  • If you must cancel and have additional reservations which are affected, such as a return trip from the airport, please inform the agent to ensure that all these reservations are also cancelled.
  • A no-show fee equal to the base fare price of the trip, plus any applicable waiting time fee, will be charged when the passenger(s) fails to arrive at the designated location. To avoid a no-show fee, call 800-752-9990 immediatly if you cannot locate your driver.
What are your surcharges?

A $15 surcharge applies for service between the hours of midnight and 5AM, for transporting car seats to and from the office, and for large items (such as skis or luggage) that must be carried in the passenger area of the vehicle.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards. Corporate accounts are welcome.

What are your hourly rates?

For hourly trips, we charge $55 per hour with a five hour minimum. Hourly rates are charged from the scheduled pick-up time to the time of arrival at the final destination. Fractions of the hour are charged in ½ hour increments after the minimum required time is met.


Summit of NJ reserves the right to cancel any and all services where any passenger puts the driver or anyone else at risk, or if a passenger is in possession of any illegal substance. The service will be immediately terminated without any refund. There are no exceptions to this policy.


Summit of NJ is not liable for any circumstances beyond its control, including weather or unexpected problems that may arise. Summit of NJ assumes no responsibility for lost items or personal belongings left in the vehicle.